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+ Our History 

Brown and Hood’s association with the North-East goes back to the 1800’s. Its illustrious history relates in no small part to the skill and ability of the local engineers who built the ground-breaking and revolutionary ship the ‘Turbinia’ at the Brown and Hood shipyard in 1894.


The vessel is now on permanent display at Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s Discovery Museum.


Brown and Hood ceased ship building on the Tyne in the early 1970’s, but the name lives on, and was resurrected by Gordon, whose father and grandfather led the company for many years.


Gordon, a founding Director of the Brown and Hood factory, started manufacturing kitchens here in the North-East 40 years ago, and knew that Brown and Hood epitomised high quality and the skill of the trades involved in the process, which are all required to ensure each project is completed to the highest of standards.


Brown and Hood is more than just a brand of kitchen and bedroom furniture. It stands for the skill of those who craft the product and choose to design with and install it.

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